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Why VigRX Plus is the Best Penis Pill

There are plenty of penis pills on the market, but millions of guys have made VigRX Plus their pick as the best of them since its launch back in 2006. But it’s not rocket science why VigRX Plus has beaten the competition in that time. Really, it’s just common sense – you take a high quality natural virility formula and put it to test.

If it works, guys will buy it. If it doesn’t, well, you can guess where things go from there.

So here we are, 10 years later, and VigRX Plus is around, with a long list of happy clients who’ve had bigger erections, stronger libidos, more stamina and greater satisfaction in the bedroom, vigarex.

And don’t forget those clinical studies…

Clinical Proof: VigRX Plus is the Real Deal

Just the fact that VigRX Plus has clinical studies puts it in elite company. Studies are expensive, after all, and designed to expose any flaws in the product under evaluation.

Yet in an 84 day study, VigRX Plus shined, and helped a group of men with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction get wood – in a major way – and keep it along with greater sex drive and satisfaction.

The study consisted of 75 men between 25 and 50, each of whom had erectile problems as defined by the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF). None of the men were alcoholics, had penis deformities, used medications linked to sexual dysfunction or had health conditions that would affect their ability to get an erection.

Each man took the recommended dosage of VigRX Plus – two capsules daily – with meals, for 12 weeks.

When the study ended, the men enjoyed very significant improvements in ability to penetrate, get and keep an erection, sexual desire, and overall sexual and intercourse satisfaction.

More specifically, in the latter category alone, VigRX Plus made sex 71.43% better. And they had a 62.82% increased ability to get wood and keep it.

What That Means

It means that VigRX Plus packs some serious natural mojo for guys who want bigger erections, better stamina, boosted sex drive, recovery time and ability to have better sex all-around. The product works because of a precise blend of natural ingredients and a natural ‘turbo-charger’ called Bioperine, which makes the ingredients up to 30% more effective.

Rough translation? You get enhanced benefits with VigRX Plus. That means:

A Bigger Erection – VigRX Plus is designed to increase the capacity of the corpora cavernosa – the long cylinders in your penis that hold blood during arousal. That’s good for a bigger erection that looks simply huge.

Ability to Keep It – The men in the study saw huge improvements in their ability to get an erection in the first place.

Huge Sex Drive – VigRX Plus is clinically proven to boost sex drive and desire by 47%.

Have More (and Better!) Climaxes – Lucky guys in the study – they enjoyed a 22.49% INCREASE in orgasms and quality.

Yes, you’ll have more sex with VigRX Plus, and bigger erections. You’ll keep it, have better stamina, and, quite frankly, make sex nothing shy of amazing.

VigRX Plus and the Medical Community

The medical community has understandably been hesitant to embrace natural male virility supplements. They have a right to be – many, and dare we say it, most – so-called male enhancement products don’t work and are pushed by often-shady people.

They’re often made overseas as well, so you have no idea what’s in them.

Yet again we come back to VigRX Plus and a clinically studied formula that’s helped millions of men since 2006, most of whom vouch that it actually works (shocker, huh?). And it’s manufactured in the USA at a cGMP-compliant facility.

Just as important, well-respected experts in health circles give VigRX Plus their nod of approval. The most vocal of them is Dr. Steven Lamm of The View, who endorses VigRX Plus and in fact recommends it to any man who wants to improve sexual performance and erectile quality.

It’s in the Guarantee

Finally, and topping this off, you’re guaranteed to get results with VigRX Plus. You’ll have more sex, a bigger erection, last longer and have major increases in sexual satisfaction.

And if you don’t?

You can return the product at any time within 67 days (60 days and a week for shipping), in the unlikely event that VigRX Plus doesn’t fully transform your sex life into something awesome.

Few guys return VigRX Plus – but it’s always there in case you don’t like it. So man up. Stop letting life pass you buy and claim the sex life you deserve. Head over to and reserve your VigRX Plus. Life is too short not to make sex amazing. So do this now and put mind-numbing amazing sex in your life thanks to VigRX Plus natural virility supplement.

Vigarex | 4 Shocking Reasons Why VigRx Can Fullfill Your Deepest Fantasies

Vigarex | 4 Shocking Reasons Why VigRx Can Fullfill Your Deepest Fantasies

Vigarex. Conjure up some of your deepest fantasies from the darkest corners of your mind. Then head over to VigRX – the new official site for all things VigRX, where you can load up on products that make you bigger, harder and longer, with pleasure you really need to experience.

What’s all this about VigRX? Well it’s the new site for the VigRX brand, with a ‘cart’, so you can buy any VigRX product you want and add others to your liking. You can buy VigRX Plus, for example, then add VigRX Oil, so you’ll have a huge erection instantly while you wait for VigRX Plus to kick in.

The good news is the VigRX name is expanding. There are currently four VigRX products at And they can do things for your sex life that can titillate your senses…

You’ll Have CRAZY Fun at VigRX

Your libido can run loose at It’s a site where you can mix and match your favorite products with the VigRX name on the box. The products are authentic too – no counterfeits here. Just VigRX products that can give you bigger erections, prolong your pleasure, recover quicker and go at it all over again.

Break any barriers down in your mind and just go with your imagination. Your sex drive and abilities will run wild with the products available at VigRX. You can buy:VigRX Plus – The #1 male libido supplement on the planet comes with a derivative of pepper called Bioperine, which makes it up to 30% MORE effective!

1. VigRX Plus – The #1 male libido supplement on the planet comes with a derivative of pepper called Bioperine, which makes it up to 30% MORE effective!

2. VigRX – The Gold Standard in natural male enhancement, VigRX boosts sex drive and performance. It’s a high-quality natural penis pill that takes your performance to sexy new places.

3. VigRX Oil – For a HUGE erection fast, try VigRX Oil – the natural application for guys with transdermal delivery that can get you hard in less than a minute.

4. VigRX Delay Spray – Think of the pleasure you get when your partner teases you. Now imagine you had the ability to delay your orgasm. You’d last longer and have more pleasure. Enter the sexy world of VigRX Delay Spray…

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Try These Combinations

VigRX can unlock your deepest sexual desires and bring them to life. Think about it; you can boost your sex drive and have an absolutely MASSIVE erection along with other superpowers in the bedroom you can tailor to your liking.

Here’s a sample of what you can do at

VigRX Plus +VigRX Oil

If you want a huge erection fast AND the stamina to back it up, combine VigRX Oil with VigRX Plus. This gets you the top-rated natural libido pill for guys in the world AND a natural lubricant with transdermal delivery.

What it Does: VigRX Plus infuses the male reproductive system with a high-potency natural formula that feeds the sex drive and increases the penis’s capacity for blood during arousal. VigRX Oil is a topical application that you rub on to the penis that quickly stimulates with natural ingredients.

The Payoff: You can use VigRX Oil while you wait for your VigRX Plus to build up in your system, so you’ll have a huge erection right away. After three months, you’re in for very fun times indeed!

VigRX Plus + VigRX Delay Spray

One of the most pleasurable combinations in all male enhancement, you can use VigRX Delay Spray with VigRX Plus for sheer ecstasy.

What it Does: VigRX Delay Spray is a male desensitizer. It’s formulated with a mild anesthetic that tells the nerves in the penis to relax and enjoy the stimuli of sexual activity. Just spray it on and wait 10 minutes. Expect unbelievable enjoyment if you’re already taking VigRX Plus.

The Payoff: Huge sex drive, stamina and the very pleasurable ability to delay your orgasm. Or put it another way, you’ll have a lot more sex, with a huge erection, last longer AND have even more pleasure each time you hit the sheets!

It’s All at Vigarex

Vigarex. Sound good? Then you know what to do. Get your butt over to VigRX and choose your products to claim a sex life for the record books. Remember, all VigRX products come with a 67 day money-back guarantee, and you can even get discounts on large orders.

Seriously – stop waiting. Go to right now. The sooner you act, the faster they’ll arrive at your home, and you can claim the sex life you deserve as a man – and one that few guys will ever experience.